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The Beautiful Burr

It’s no secret that we utilize tree burrs (or ‘burl’ as they are referred to in Australia and the U.S.A.) in many of our products here at Iluka London. However, you may be wondering what a burr actually is and what forms it.

A burr is a tumor-like lump that grows out of the side of many tree trunks all over the world. The growth is usually prized by woodturners and furniture makers for the interesting and tightly twisted grain they produce. The real mystery lies in the cause as no one really knows exactly why they are formed. Some speculate that the tree has been damaged in some way and the burr is a result of the tree healing the wound, while others believe that a bacterial or fungal infection causes the trees cells to react and attack the area, causing the growth.

It is an important aspect of our company to have a sustainable source of timber, therefore the majority of our burrs are harvested from live trees, and after the process is complete, the tree lives on unharmed. Others are taken from trees that have already fallen in the countryside. Since we began working with burrs, our main aim was to present the beautiful burrs in their natural, magnificent state so our customers can marvel at both the lovely figured grain and the highly textured live edge.